Jumat, 05 Desember 2008

Agit Yogi Subandi's Poetry

Tonight, I Remember You

Tonight I remember you, between sleepiness and wake up.
From minute to minute, hour to hour, you always come with
unfinished scenes. And I don’t want
you finish it. Because I don’t want to
knock your bosom which is full of
future image who always visited by you everyday than you left it
to be a past.

On the daylight, your eyes was shone, and you give me
a several second for stop in your eyes. I found a seat
spread out of grass and I was heard
a morning birds, and the wind which come and
pass through. Like a song with turning soft and touch
my heart.

That’s too bad, I never found a certainly in your eyes:
about a long journey or deep longing compensate on the side of
river. So I’m out from your eyes, with wink of my eyes.

Now your face like a blooming flower in the morning, which
after dew go down from calyx like flower and
willingly plundered by the sun.
When you smiling, the both of your check had tears like
expanse of butterfly wings. whole world silent,
lotus poured down

I don’t know form where.

Tonight I remember you, but I don’t want to
pull archer’s bow and pass to your heart. I just want
to reminisce about you from meeting by meeting and from
leave by leave. Our footstep is deep and piled up
by the another footstep.

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